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Smart Fit Tip #1 - Find Your Motivation

Finding Your Motivation

Perhaps it’s your children, or even your grandchildren, that are your motivations for making your fitness transformation a reality? During my time as a personal trainer, I have often witnessed how a parent will long for nothing more than to become a fitness role-model for their child. Or common with older adults, is the desire to create the health conducive to an active lifestyle with an ample lifespan for which to enjoy their grandkids. It is factors such as these that underlie successful fitness journeys. Be sure to accurately pinpoint the core reasons that are your true impetuses for a change and remind yourself of them often, even if it means saving them as your phone’s lock screen or jotting it down on a refrigerator mounted post-it. Being in touch with what is deeply important to you will be the engine driving your transformation towards a new and better you.

Daniel Jannuzzi - Certified Personal Trainer

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