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Micro Goals

Healthy Harrison has worked with world renowned experts to develop the

Micro Goals program.

This program integrates a high level of touch with a high level of innovation and invites individuals to customize their own journey to a healthier lifestyle. The program has three pillars; mind, move and eat.

Experts have argued over which of these pillars is most important, therefore, Micro Goals includes all three to make for a robust approach to wellness.

The formula for success is in three simple steps:

1. Selecting the right Goal

2. Selecting the right Grip

3. Selecting the right form of gratification.

(1) Goals are often too big for people to reach, therefore, goals (as defined by this program) are simple and obtainable on a daily basis! An example would be to introduce one glass of water.

(2) Next is the Grip. The grip is defined as attaching your goal to an existing routine that you have. This means that you will accomplish your goal after having completed X (which you do every day). An example would be drinking the glass of water right after you brush your teeth.

(3) Finally is the Gratification. If you don't remind yourself that you are achieving something important, then the importance of your new goal will not be baked into your mind! An example of this would be to say "I am healthier" after drinking the glass of water.

This is a very simple and easy approach to developing a healthier lifestyle. Micro Goals can have a Big Return on your Health!

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