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Is Your Tree Alive?

Lonette Baity

I have a thing for real Christmas trees. Always have. For me…it makes Christmas, well, real…

The other day, as I was sitting quietly in my living room, I was struck by this question:

Is your tree alive?

The question was almost silly. “Of course it is! My tree is big and gorgeous and green. It’s decorated with lights, memories and things that sparkle. It smells like pine and all things Christmas…”

“But…Is it ALIVE?.” I sensed God was asking me again. (He was going somewhere with this, I could tell.)

I thought, “Well… It is a beautiful display and others compliment us. We give it water to drink.”

Again, He asked, “IS IT ALIVE?”

“A tree needs roots to sustain its life and it needs to bear some sort of fruit,” I thought. “No.” I answered. “It looks alive. But it is not.”

I realized that in some ways, I am like my tree.

I can make a monument of my memories. The truth is, no matter how beautiful the memory, it is still dead. If I continue to make an idol of “what used to be”, I will miss the beauty of the new thing that is springing up now! (Isaiah 43:19)

Now I have a choice. I can turn my heart toward The Life Giver or I can continue with a display– parts of my heart disconnected from His heart–a stunning tree with no roots.

I want the Life Giver!

How about you? Is there a part of your heart that is not yet fully alive? Invite God to show you where that is and let Him bring healing to it.

Start HERE. Right here. Pause– where you are, — and turn your heart toward him. For he is as close as your next breath. May The Spirit of God stir your heart (and mine). May we drink deeply from the well of salvation as we accept His invitation to “return to our roots.” This season, may we be fully alive in Christ, not just a showy display of tradition. Breathe deeply, and LIVE.

-Lonette Baity

Friend of Steering Committee Member, Writer, Speaker, Blogger

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