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The 5 Secret Tips to Holiday Weight Loss Without Skipping the Holiday Gatherings!

By: Kristi Goode

Want to learn a few ways (secrets) to navigate the holidays this year? Can you believe that there is exactly 44 days before January first? That’s a long time! What does that bring up for you regarding holiday treats or foods? Excitement? Stress? Worry? Because if you have experienced this in the past or right now… you’re not alone!

Let me ask you what stories you’ve told yourself in the past, or maybe even right now going into this holiday season? Maybe that it has not worked in the past? And each holiday you’ve fallen off track? Maybe you believe that you don’t have willpower or that you just lack discipline. Do you see others who can eat all the cookies and not gain that holiday weight and you’re wondering why does that not work for me? Am I broken? Or you may be thinking, “how do they do it?” Don’t let your brain use what happened in the past to predict the future or how the next 44 days will go! So, how can you finally let go of these old stories and DECIDE this year will be different? Because this is an essential part of your journey and I want to show you what’s possible. I want you to be able to make a choice & be in control.

While these secrets may not be what you expected, they create the perfect recipe (or plan) going into the holiday season. Think of these secrets as like the ingredients in your favorite cookie recipe. And how important it is to have all the ingredients, so your cookies turn out? Remember, it’s not about eating all the cookies, it’s a matter of you not feeling like you have to “skip” the cookie(s). I want you to gain clarity on how you can include the cookies this year without overindulging! You’re going to take away these simple ingredients and start creating your own recipe (plan) for holiday success! Also, these ingredients will, and can apply to your journey even after the holidays!

  1. Believe that you can feel your best come Jan 1st! Believe that you’re in control! Now you might be thinking, is it possible? Is what she saying possible? Can I eat a cookie and not lose progress? Is it possible for me? Do I have what it takes? Is it possible for me right now? Imagine the freedom you will have once you believe it possible. You must have proof of what’s possible. So, ask yourself… “Why not me?” If others have been successful, then why not you?

  1. Decide that you do not want to feel like I did last year! Actively decide what outcome you want after this holiday season. You may think that it’s obvious, but we frequently say we want change, but our actions tell a different story. So, saying it and actually doing it are 2 different things! You’re reading this for a reason. Maybe you’re already exhausted, maybe you’re ready for a more simplified plan. Or maybe you’re still doubting that it will ever work for you or how you’re going to make it through the holidays?

  1. Specific Goal - you must have a specific goal. What specific goal can you set for yourself that will enable you to enjoy the cookies while not losing progress or feeling like you must start over Jan 1st? Then you can take small actions that will move you one step closer to your goal by the end of the year. I want you to visualize how different you will feel on Jan 1st! How can you pivot and create clarity and set a new goal for yourself! Set yourself up for success!

  1. Commit to yourself! There are 44 days of wins available to you! 44! When we look at commitment, it’s an internal factor. Commitment is more like your vision, your choice, your values, and your emotions. And if you let external factors such as time, lifestyle, predicting the past, or your current situation control you, you’ll never gain control and commit to yourself.

So instead of saying “I’ll try,” lets replace that with “I AM committed to…”.By replacing those 2 words it will increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to a plan by January the 1st! Don’t stay stuck, be a committed action taker!

  1. Plan the next 44 days. Prioritize your time, write down your goal, and plan. What’s 5 minutes to decide what you’re going to choose to do at the next upcoming party to stay in alignment with your goals? It’s your choice to see how the cookies, desserts, and other holiday foods can work into your plan. Plan it so that you get to choose and you’re in control. While control can look different for everyone, I want you to be in control and choose if you’re going to have one cookie or 2 cookies and then celebrate the heck out of it when you stick to your plan!

I’m very practical and believe that mindset has everything to do with your success! If you believe you cannot lose weight, maintain progress, or even moderate your intake for the next 44 days, then what’s going to happen? I want you to think about this in relation to past holidays or other times such as weekends, cookouts, parties, etc. when you struggled or worried that you may gain weight or lose progress if you ate cookies or desserts. So how can you take action? Lastly, if you want a different result this year, you’re going to have to take different actions.

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