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By: Jennifer Hefner


Self-Reflection: also called INTROSPECTION- is a means to observe

and analyze oneself in order to grow as a person.

As we come upon the end of the year as well as the current run of the Healthy Harrison Health Games, The Encore, it is a great time to do some self-reflection. Many times, we get on autopilot. We just plow forward through it all, which can be great, especially if you are in a great routine that is working for you. But just as everything can be going great, you might experience some moments where things aren’t going so well. So, taking a moment to do some self-reflection is important for a few reasons. With that, let’s dive into the area of self-reflection for a bit!

A big question many of you might ask is WHY? Why is self-reflection important? As The Odyssey Online reports, self-reflection will help with a deeper understanding of your feelings through the process of your journey. Do you take time to feel? To understand WHY you feel the way you do. I agree that this is an important part of the process. We need to listen to our body and our mind if we are going to continue a healthy journey and keep seeing improvement. If we don’t take time to recognize how we feel, we aren’t going to recognize the need for a change if we need it. Then we risk getting frustrated or worn down and might quit.

Another reason self-reflection is important is to learn to love yourself for who you have become and understand that everyone is different. Really coming to a point of seeing your hard work and progress, as well as understanding that your journey is YOUR journey, you will appreciate the time and effort you put into yourself. This can help keep you motivated to continue with your journey and to build on to what you have already accomplished.

Taking time to reflect and ask yourself some questions is a great way to check in with yourself. As mentioned on the sight, “If you’re not paying attention, it’s difficult to figure out where things are off course and could be changed.” Ask yourself a few questions. What’s going well? What’s working? What’s not working? CLARIFY YOUR THINKING- take the time to quiet down and think. Know what is important to you- again, why are you on this journey? What is your why?

By taking time to ask yourself these questions, you can help manage any stress and anxiety you may be feeling, because let’s face it, anytime you are working on self-improvement it can be a roller coaster of a ride. But self-reflection can make this ride more enjoyable and help us learn about ourselves as well as recognize the positive changes we are making. And this recognition will provide the motivation we will need to keep moving forward on our journeys.

Continue on friend! Take time to reflect and see the YOU you are becoming and be proud of what you have overcome!

~Jennifer Hefner, HH Mindset Coach

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