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Are you Eating Mindfully?

By: Kristi Goode

Are You Eating Mindfully?

By: Kristi Goode

Did you know… that eating slowly may be the most important tool in your weight loss journey and transformation? It’s not so much a matter of what you’re eating (remember: calories in versus calories out), but it’s a matter of how mindful you are being while you are eating! WHAT? While nutrient dense foods are my primary focus, calories in versus calories out (Energy Balance) is still scientifically backed! So how does eating more slowly come into play? The slower you eat and chew, and the more intentional (mindful) you are while you are eating will allow you to recognize your hunger cues and fullness cues more easily.

Did you know… It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full or have enough in your stomach? When you eat quickly or “gobble” your food, you tend to take in more calories than you may need. Thus, your brain doesn’t receive the “fullness cue” to tell you that you are “full” leading to that bloated or uncomfortably “overstuffed” feeling. So, eating in a rush, while stressed, standing up, being distracted, driving, or even using devices are all examples of not eating mindfully. When you eat slowly, you tend to digest your food better leading to more satisfaction with each meal. Plus, this gives your body time to adjust and learn that it is “full”. The slower you eat, the more you can savor your food and be mindful with every bite. Digestion starts with the smell of food, then onto the mouth. The slower and more thoroughly you chew your food, the easier it is on you digestion. If your food isn’t broken down it can lead to indigestion.

The best part of eating slowly is that it can help you to eat less over time. How great would that be if you lost weight simply by slowing down, eating more mindfully, and enjoying your food? I will leave you with a few tips on how to slow down and enjoy your food.

1. Set a dinner time. 2. Turn off all devices and reduce distractions. 3. Sit down. 4. Smell your food first to trigger the start of digestion. 5. Chew your food thoroughly. 6. Take sips of water in between each bite. 7. Put your utensils down in between each bite. 8. Enjoy your food and take your time!

In conclusion, what would it look like if you created a habit a eating slowly with each meal?

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