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What is Healthy Harrison?

Healthy Harrison defines a Hero as one who is a “champion for health”.

Each person is on their own path to wellness; however, everyone shares a goal of living a longer and healthier life.

Healthy Harrison is a coalition with a vision to measurably improve the health and wellness of the citizens in Harrison County. By highlighting our local Heroes, we hope to motivate, educate and inspire the community to begin taking micro-steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our heroes are categorized around the five Healthy Harrison Pillars: Mind, Move, Eat, Connect, and Purpose. 

Move – Healthy people embrace physical activity – the misperception is that it needs to be vigorous. Done well, movement is proven to add 7-10 years of life expectancy.

Mind – This encompasses the ability to downshift and enjoy the fruits that life has to offer. This is a broad area that can cover faith, hope, meditation, gratitude, optimism, etc. Many health experts think this may be the most important pillar.

Eat – Healthy people eat plant-based foods, don’t overindulge, and avoid too much sugar – just to mention a few areas of a nutritious diet.

Connect – The groups you associate with often determine the type of person you become. Association with other healthy people is usually the strongest and most direct path of change for people who want improved health.

Purpose – We all need a reason to get up in the morning. Happy, healthy humans know their purpose.

Change Your State App 

Our Change Your State App is a robust, yet user friendly app.


The goal of this app is to truly impact our community in the fight against obesity by providing the tools and information to help you on your journey to better health. We invite you to use the in-app information provided in the areas of mind, move and eat to help you establish tiny habits that will ultimately lead to improved health, both physically and mentally.


By accomplishing your daily goals and subsequently checking them off each day, you can earn points.  If you earn a minimum of number points for the month, you’ll be entered to win prizes for that month.  While we would love you to meet your goals each and every day, we know sometimes you may fall short (and that’s okay!) this is a journey about progress, not perfection.  That’s why out of a possible X points each month, you will only need to log Y points to be entered into the drawing.  


Just like you on your health and fitness journey, your Healthy Bridgeport app will be constantly evolving and changing so check back regularly for new and exciting content and don’t forget to log your daily goals!

The Change Your State App is now available for download on the Apple and Google Play Store!


 Do you have an idea that you think would be great for us to add to our app's services? Are you a user that's experienced a glitch? We want to hear! Click the link below to visit our public development page

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Local Businesses Interested In Being Featured with Healthy Harrison

We're looking for local businesses to be featured on the Healthy Harrison app. From healthy options at local restaurants, to activities, and more. Contact us today to find out how to become a check in spot and join us as we strive to make Harrison County healthier and stronger. 


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